Rally on Rails


Este evento simplemente no sería posible sin la participación y el apoyo de estos maravillosos patrocinadores.

Patrocinadores de infraestructura

Github GitHub is probably the most awesome way to share, find, and collaborate on code – both open source and proprietary. Comment on commits, watch your friends, monitor project development, fork your brains out, and contribute code using your favorite SCM and a beautiful web interface. Ir al sitio

Todos los patrocinadores

rails.mx Rails México (rails.mx) es una comunidad de desarrolladores mexicanos e hispanohablantes. Un punto de encuentro para compartir experiencias y mejores prácticas sobre el mundo de rails. Con el propósito de motivar a los desarrolladores a que se introduzcan en este maravilloso mundo de Rails, y de ayudar a los recién llegados a que su viaje por el aprendizaje del framework sea fácil y divertido. Ir al sitio

Crowd Interactive Crowd Interactive es una consultoría de desarrollo web que utiliza Ruby on Rails principalmente; cuenta con un equipo de ingenieros entusiastas, apasionados por el desarrollo web. Nuestra cultura de trabajo se centra en la “agustividad”. La atmósfera laboral es completamente relajada, nos enfocamos en disfrutar la experiencia del desarrollo. La convivencia y socialización del conocimiento son fundamentales para todos, desde el área administrativa hasta la operativa. Apoyamos el crecimiento personal y profesional en todo momento, por lo que nos hemos enfocado en ofrecer espacios de aprendizaje, financiamos eventos como Magma Rails, o viajes a Rails Conf. Si te interesa conocer más sobre Crowd Interactive, mándanos un mail a info(arroba)crowdint.com Ir al sitio

Innku Somos expertos en desarrollo de software, lo hacemos como tú necesites. Nuestra gente es apasionada en el tema de desarrollo de aplicaciones que tengan un fin práctico y ofrezcan una solución clara y sencilla para quien las use. Hemos desarrollado soluciones propias y para terceros, todas con un toque de innovación y aplicación práctica. Ir al sitio

Github At Koombea we are passionate about building web applications that stand out. We work closely with our awesome clients on both UI/UX Design and Ruby on Rails development to meet their project needs. Below is some of our work. Ir al sitio

Ooyala Right from the start we focused on building the best-engineered video solution in the world. We relentlessly pursue higher quality, faster speeds, better insight, and a more perfect video delivery for every kind of video screen. We believe that personalization is the future of online video. Superior personalization, based on detailed analytics, is the key to creating the best experience for every viewer and maximum revenues for every publisher. Ir al sitio

Code School Code School is all about learning by doing. Our educational courses combine video, coding in the browser, and gamification principles to make learning more fun and therefore more effective. A typical course contains 5 levels, each with a 10-15 minute video, followed by series of code challenges a student must solve to make it to the next level. Once finished each course provides rewards for completion. Ir al sitio

Coders Venezuela Coders Venezuela es una comunidad de programadores Venezolanos donde ofrecemos espacio de apoyo para los entusiastas que participan en proyectos de sistemas computacionales. Si quieres formar parte de esta web y aportar tu contenido al portal solo escribe a contacto@codersvenezuela.com Ir al sitio

Stickermule Sticker Mule is the easiest way to buy premium custom stickers and skins. Send us your artwork and we’ll do the rest. Offering print runs starting at $69 for 100, Sticker Mule aspires to be every Rails developer’s favorite sticker printing service. Ir al sitio

Chargify Chargify is a recurring billing application built by a team with more than twenty years of combined experience. We not only acknowledge the unique demands you face when it comes to billing, we’ve experienced them first-hand while running businesses of our own. That’s why we’re committed to providing a truly outstanding recurring billing application engineered for the long-haul. Ir al sitio

Railslove Railslove is a small team of passionate hackers and thinkers creating juicy stuff for the web. Focused on modern web technologies we provide application development services to our clients and partners and help to turn ideas into kick ass web applications. Ir al sitio

SalesKing SalesKing is a web-based application, which enables small/medium sized companies and freelancers to create and manage their documents like invoices, recurring invoices, payment reminders, orders and quotations as well as their clients and products. SalesKing is able to create pdf-documents based on individual templates to fit the design needs of the user. The application is developed in Rails and provides an API with many resources to fit into almost every third party invoicing process. Feel free to subscribe to the 30 days free trial at https://salesking.eu and do not forget to check our API documentation at https://github.com/salesking/sk_api_schema. Enjoy the rally and have fun! Ir al sitio

Software Guru SG Software Guru es una empresa enfocada en proveer soluciones que apoyen el desarrollo de los profesionistas de TI, contribuyendo así al desarrollo de la industria. Ir al sitio

MooveIT Improve people’s lives, for both social and work purposes, creating rich, innovative and simple web products. Ir al sitio

Nearsoft Nearsoft works as an innovation partner. We deliver state of the art software products for our clients. Our unique culture and engineering process helps us to accelerate our time to market and the quality of our final products Ir al sitio